1 Oct 2010

10 images

Topologies by Anna Wilson 
Using traditional textile techniques with laces, thread, needles. making these tiny materials look like a group of lively aquatic plants,  really stunning. 

Storm Scene from King Lear by Edward Gordon Craig
Using concise and powerful lines to make a dramatical composition. Strong image. 
L'Air by George Barbier
 Comparing with Gordon Craig's work, these two illustrations both describe a windy scene, the Barbier one is more humorous and trendy with soft colour and delicate lines. 
How to Drink (book cover) by Sarah Carr
Very clever design that makes words becoming a relevant image, also humorous one . 
Chip & Fishs by Page Tsou 鄒駿昇
With exquisite detail, describing a London common life. 

Framed by Stuart Haygarth
Just love its colour stripes, walking in the rainbow!
Sculpture made of second-hand clothing by Derick Melander
This one might be the softest sculpture in the world, and the way of  its colour changes is fascinating.
Grisaille panel with female head
This stained glass was made in 1240 A.D, almost 800 yeas ago. it remains me some high fashion handkerchief design. By the way, it has my two favourite colour - black and yellow.
Book craving by Brian Dettmer
Book is not a book any more, no need to open it to read. It shows there are many possibilities to creative,  thousands ways and aspects to see the world and objects around you.     
"History of art" poster by unknown (if you know, please tell me) 
easy understanding, funny poster.