10 May 2011

My own project- Last Twenties

theme: what people did in their 30.

i am in my late twenties, feel kinda confused and anxious about being nothing, try to know and collect what other people did in their 30, also practice my portait drawing skill.

William Burroughs, in his 30 (1944), began shared apartmant with Jack Kerouac, and started collaborated novel called "And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks" .
 J. D. Salinger, in his 30 (1949), one of his early work "Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut" adapted into a film called "My Foolish Heart".

Jarvis Cocker, during his 30 (1993), he and other members of Pulp recorded their forth album" His 'n' Hers "