21 Nov 2012

Architecture Zine - can you show me the space

"CAN YOU SHOW ME THE SPACE" is a series of zine focus on architecture.

there are 5 of them, each issue dealt with different topic, 1)Setting a setting; 2)Representation of relational spaces; 3) Mapping the Centre of Useless Splendour; 4) Architecture as extended social space 5) relational mapping tools.

3 Feb 2012

The medium is the message

Marshall Mcluhan

Hot medium and cool medium,

A hot medium is one that extends one single sense in the "high definition". High definition is the state of being well filled with data. Hot media do not leave so much to be filled in or completed by the audience. Hot media are, therefore,  low in participation by the audience. Cool media are high in participation or completion by the audience.

Hot medium:  Radio, cinema, Photograph, Phonetic alphabet (拼音字母), Paper, Lecture.

Cool Medium: Telephone, TV (is it hotter with HD?), Cartoon, Hieroglyphic or ideogrammic writing (象形文字或表意文字 ), Stone, Seminar, You tube (?)   

*The cool medium like hieroglyphic or ideogrammic written characters has very different effects from the hot and explosive medium of the phonetic alphabet. The alphabet, when pushed to a high degree of abstract visual intensity, become typography. *

The medium is the message
Media are extensions of man
"The wheel...is an extension of the foot. The book is an extension of the eye... Clothing, an extension of the skin...Electric circuitry,an extension of the central nervous system". Whatever predominates media will influence human beings by affecting the way they perceive the world.
New media alter the ratios of our sense perceptions, changing the way we perceive the world. 

A new medium is never an addition to an old one, nor does it leave the old one in peace.
With print the eye speed up, and the voice quieted down.

3 Jan 2012

oxford, here i come!

oxford university museum of natural history
in the early morning, even the sun doesn't come up, i already wake up and dress up for super early coach. (around 7:20!!!!) i feel a bit excited and sleepy on the way to oxford. while sleeping on the coach, i heard other passengers asking why today coach is so full?  because there are a huge amount of art/ design students with YOU LUCKY GUYS!    

when we arrive in oxford, the sun already fully rise. a beautiful nice sunny day, last day of this term!!!!
firstly, we have a lovely introduction with Adrian (?i kinda forgot his name :S), he shows snake skins and bird specimen to explain how miracle natural is. every biological structure has its function. and truly there are a great number of animal, planet, insect specimens, stones,and minerals, etc.

besides, the building is also stunning, with the elegance ceiling, the sunlight through the glass fall in. and each column with different leave, flower and fruit carving.
oxford university museurm of natural history
oxford university museum of natural history

oxford university museum of natural history

beautiful pattern

beautiful pattern

beautiful pattern

peacock feather

and afternoon, we go to another museum called pitt rivers, just behind oxford university museum of natural history. they share the main entrance.

pitt rivers is specialize at the archaeological and anthropological items, these exhibits are catagorised by their function. the total number of collections are 500,000! huge! and the space is simple, a rectangle (not sure is square or not), and 3 floors. compare with the oxford university museum of natural  history, the lighting is darker, the space is more crowded.  but the exhibits are amazing as well, no one can finish them in one's life. Peter said this place is famous, all artists and designers come here for endless inspirations. yes, i absolutely agree! you can see the item from various area from different era for distinct use.

pitt rivers museum